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Discover Boating Hands-On Skills Training

On Water Boating Skills Classes Available Only At The Boat Show

Nothing beats hands on experience when it comes to improving your skills and learning new ones. Take your boating and sailing skills up a notch with a 3-hour on water course. Whether you have prior experience or not, there’s something for everyone—from absolute beginners to seasoned skippers!

Learn From the Experts! Show admission is not included in event fee. Get tickets and parking info HERE.

Space is limited. Advance registration is highly recommended. Same day registration will be available at the Discover Boating Registration Center during the show on a space available basis. Please note: you must be able to work as an active crewmember while underway. 

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All boats provided by: Carefree Boat Club


  • Basic Docking & Close Quarters Boat Handling Skills
  • Advanced Docking & Precision Boat Control
  • Powerboating Made Easy


  • Learn to Sail (monohull)
  • Essential Cruising & Charter Skills (monohull)
  • Introduction to Cruising Catamarans
  • Essential Cruising & Charter Skills (catamarans)


Hands On Skills Training at Miami International Boat Show- POWER BOATS

Hands On Skills Training at Miami International Boat Show - SAILING



Learn From the Experts! All sessions are taught by USCG licensed captains who are professional, certified instructors. You'll learn basic and advanced skills that will last a lifetime! There’s something for everyone - from absolute beginners to seasoned skippers!


  • Powerboating Made Easy
  • Docking & Close Quarters Boat Handling Skills
  • Advanced Docking & Precision Boat Control




If you'd like to significantly improve your close quarters maneuvering skills and increase your confidence in docking situations, this three-hour, hands on class is just what the doctor ordered. Participants in this highly acclaimed class will learn essential boat control skills including:

  • Maneuvering close to piers, pilings and other boats
  • Techniques for managing momentum and side slip in sharp turns
  • Backing down narrow channels in a straight line
  • Turning 180 degrees in tight spaces
  • Docking bow first in a slip
  • Docking stern first in a slip 
  • Docking alongside a pier (fuel dock)

Ideal for newcomers and those who want to improve their confidence under the guidance of a professional instructor. No prior experience necessary.



Docking in gusty winds, strong currents and tiny spaces make even an experienced skipper's heart rate go up. The skills required to manage challenging conditions are usually acquired through LOTS of helm time, trial and error and usually some damaged gel coat. If you want to up your game and shorten the learning curve, this highly acclaimed class is just the ticket. Taught by experts in the art of close quarters boat handling, participants in this class will learn advanced skills used by professional captains including:

  • Effective use of the three key "inputs" - steering, shifter and throttle - to make the boat do EXACTLY what you want it to do
  • Techniques for docking the boat confidently in windy conditions
  • Station keeping in the wind as a proactive safety tool
  • Using the wind to ferry the boat to port or starboard in docking situations
  • Using a "Weather Vane Turn" as a defensive maneuver and to to regain control in strong gusts

This 3 hour workshop is designed for experienced boat operators regardless of boat size or propulsion type.... the techniques and principles are universal and can be adapted to any boat. We can’t guarantee you’ll never be intimidated again but even the most experienced skippers will learn new skills that will measurably improve both confidence and ability. RECOMMENDED FOR EXPERIENCED BOAT HANDLERS OR THOSE WHO'VE COMPLETED THE BASIC DOCKING SKILLS" CLASS.



Participants in this popular 3 hour class will take the helm to learn the skills every skipper needs to handle a boat confidently during a day on the water with family and friends. The class includes:

  • Docking and close quarters boat control techniques
  • Backing down and turning around in tight spaces
  • Open water boat handling and determining right of way
  • Using tilt/trim features to balance the boat while underway
  • How to take wakes and waves safely
  • Basic rules of the Road and operating requirements
  • Anchoring and rafting up with other boats

This class is ideal for newcomers who want to improve their skills and confidence under the guidance of a professional captain and crew members who want to take a more active role in boat operations .



Learn From the Experts! These hands on, underway learning events are taught by USCG licensed captains who are professional, ASA certified instructors.


  • Learn to Sail (monohull)
  • Essential Cruising & Charter Skills (monohull)
  • Introduction to Cruising Catamarans
  • Essential Cruising & Charter Skills (catamarans)

Space in these popular events is very limited and advance registration is highly recommended. REGISTER NOW

For highlights check out this short video


Learn to Sail –Monohull

Are you new to Sailing (or just a little rusty)? Learn how easy and fun sailing is by participating in this on water learning event that covers essential skills every sailor must know. This class offers a unique opportunity to experience the grace and luxury of a spectacular cruising class sailboat and fuel the dream of sailing off into the sunset to some exotic destination. During these 3-hour classes you’ll learn how to:

  • raise, lower and trim the sails
  • steering techniques and helmsmanship
  • how to turn, slow and stop the boat
  • how to tack and jibe
  • points of sail 
  • sailing terminology and more


Introduction to Cruising Catamarans

Participants will experience firsthand the expansive comfort, impressive speed and precise maneuverability of the modern cruising catamaran along with the unique sailing and handling needs of larger “Cats”. This exclusive program is ideal for newcomers and monohull sailors with little to no experience on multihulls - and it's the perfect way to see if a cruising catamaran – your own or chartered - is in your future. Our Certified instructors will cover Cruising Catamaran fundamentals including:

  • Upright sailing versus heeling
  • Optimizing performance on different points of sail – cats vs. monohulls
  • Techniques for managing light air – especially when tacking or jibing
  • Selecting best sail trim/angle for optimum speed
  • Sailing to weather and understanding leeway
  • Avoiding the “go/no go zone”

This is an excellent “starter” for everyone who’d like to experience the sailing lifestyle.


Essential Cruising & Charter Skills – Choice of Monohull or Catamaran

Whether you’re dreaming of dropping the hook in a deserted cove for a quiet lunch or pulling into a crowded anchorage for the week in some exotic location, solid anchoring & mooring skills will help minimize your anxiety and assure the safety of your boat (and those around you!). This class will focus those skills that are essential to cruising and securing the boat with confidence and without drama including:

  • Heaving to, reefing and sailing under reefed mainsail
  • Anchoring and rigging a snubber including techniques for a crowded anchorage
  • Picking up a mooring ball and rigging a mooring bridle under power
  • Weighing anchor and departing an anchorage
  • Casting off and departing a mooring field
  • Crew communications
  • When an how to set up an anchor watch
  • Discussion of multiple anchor setups.

This class is a must for those who are preparing for their first charter or who simply want to sharpen their skills and confidence with a professional instructor.


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Two Can Sail Couples Cruising Seminar

Seminar Fee: $325/couple ($190 single), includes a 2- day ticket to the show,
Date: Friday, February 17


Learn how to live your dream and share cruising adventures as a couple.

This full-day seminar will give you and your partner the tools and perspectives you need to safely pursue the cruising lifestyle together. It features an outstanding group of marine professionals—couples who are also captains, ASA Instructors, authors, marine surveyors, and a meteorologist— with varied experiences and backgrounds to present a balanced curriculum.

It’s more than just a day of power point presentations. The hard data is balanced with fun—lots of good information mixed in with sea stories and fantastic photos—as all the presenters share their expertise to help make the dream a reality for you and your partner.

Sponsored by Two Can Sail, Blue Water Sailing Magazine, SeaTech Systems, American Sailing Association (ASA), Massey Yachts and Weems & Plath.

Registration and details at:
TwoCanSail.com or REGISTER HERE



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Demo Docks and Sea Trials

Compare and try before you buy!

Expanded demo docks feature more than 150 boats in the water for demonstrations and sea trials. See and board a variety of vessels—powerboats, cruisers, sport fishers and more—make side-by-side comparison and chat with dealers and manufacturers reps to explore your buying options.

Ready to buy? Ask for a sea trial—there’s nothing like testing the waters aboard a boat to know you’re making the right choice.

Outboard, inboard and stern drive engine manufacturers will also have boats powered by their products in the water for demos and sea trials.

 Demo Docks and Sea Trials Demo Docks and Sea Trials



Boating Skills Virtual Trainer—Test Your Boating Skills

Booth C478

Take the helm and set out on a simulated ”boat trip” to practice boating skills such as docking, pivot turns, stopping and more. The America’s Boating Club Boating Skills Virtual Trainer is equipped with a steering wheel and real Mercury throttle to give you hands-on experience as you pilot your virtual boat on a lake with other powerboats, sailboats, navigation aids and a marina.